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Please enjoy a small sample of my works below. For more information, or to purchase sheet music, please contact me directly.


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'The White Lotus' is a chamber work that pays hommage to Japanese Koto music. A turbulent middle section led by a horn and clarinet chorale is framed by tranquil winds above simple Koto accompaniment and slowly moving horn chords.
(The Koto may be replaced by a different zither or classical guitar as appropriate.)

Drawing inspiration from the works of Qigang Chen, 'Ocean at Sunset' is an impressionist piece for Solo Piano. The opening passage paints a foreboding calm, followed by flowing arpeggios below a pentatonic melody, completed by a glorious and challenging finale.

'Stars and Stripes Forver' is a patriotic American march written by 'March King' John Philip Sousa, most famous for it's virtuosic obbligato. This arrangement is for Clarinet Quartet, with the first clarinet player playing Eb clarinet, although an alternate part for Bb clarinet is available.

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'Celebration' is a work for Concert Band (instrumentation listed below) suitable for concert hall or other festival occasion. Fanfare-like and expressive themes are combined to create an uplifting work.
(Picc., Fl. I&II, Ob. I&II, Bb Cl. I-III, Bb B. Cl., Bsn. I&II, A. Sax. I&II, T. Sax., Bar. Sax., F [or Eb] Hn. I&II, Bb Tpt. I-III, Tbn. (B.C. or T.C.) I&II, Euph. (B.C. or T.C.), Tba., Perc., Glock., Timp.)

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This multi-movement work for Solo Accordion explores a range of techniques and registers of the instrument. Ciclo di Vita represents the cycle of life from infancy, childhood, adult life and finally the arrival into the afterlife.

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This arrangement of Elgar's famous string orchestra piece seeks to closely capture the relationships between the instruments in this arrangement for Piano Trio. Each instrument interacts closely together, with the strings particularly taking the lead in playing Elgar's beautiful themes.

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'Moonless Sky' is a theme and variations for Solo Flute that seeks to challenge the performer across each of the variations, from the rapid articulation of the first variation, to the large leaps of the second variation, culminating in a rousing and excited cadenza.

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This concert arrangement of Gilbert and Sullivan's Princess Ida contains some of the greatest numbers from the show in a 23-minute reduction. The overall narrative of the opperetta is maintained, with the Act II Finale ending the medley with a message of 'defiance'.
(Fl. db. Picc., Ob., Bb Cl., Bsn., F Hn., Bb Tpt. I, Bb Tpt. II, Tbn., Perc., Kbd., Vln. I, Vln. II, Vla., Vc., Cb.)

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